Lake Victoria, Uganda









Lake Victoria is situated within a soon to be opened residential estate that also boasts a Serena-operated hotel.

With MWG’s first site visit in January, the final 2 holes of the 9 hole golf course was seeded and the club house approaching the end of the construction phase. MWG estimated that it would take 6 – 8 months for the golf course to be ready for play.

MWG placed Kevin Mohun as MWG’s representative on site during May 2015 with the brief to open golf operations during the course of August 2015. During this time, the golf course has been grown in under the stewardship of Theodor van Rooyen.

MWG is excited to announce that the golf course is now ready for play and a soft opening is scheduled for Saturday, 15 August 2015!

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Mark Wiltshire, Theodor van Rooyen and Kevin Mohun inspect the 18th hole of the Lake Victoria Serena Golf Course

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